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Am I the same person I was as an adolescent, or very different?

I love this question. I have an opportunity to reflect on my past and present!

** Every week, I answer a personal question for my children to compile into my own life’s storybook next year! I received…

Hmmm… I’m thinking!

I believe the strangest thing that happened to me was when I, as a preteen, bumped into a bee! My friend, Rita, was over that day. We were running around in my yard as kids do, either talking or singing, when zoom, a type of a bug…

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NO MORE DREAMING!! Hold on, I will still sleep, dream, and daydream! BUT, I will rest my ‘dreaming’ of this, that, and the other, and start ‘doing.’ I will make dreams come true.

I tend to ‘dream’ of what I want, a trip, a new sofa, the latest face cream…

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I’ve worked on decluttering, minimizing possessions, and keeping what is most needed for some time now. I find myself repeating that I want to make space in homes or apartments where I’ve lived. …

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“I want to be an example that it’s okay to grow old, get some wrinkles, and be comfortable with yourself,” I exclaimed recently during a long-over-do lunch date with two girlfriends. Our conversation ranged from eating healthy and exercising to aging and doing our best to stay looking as young…

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My mother gave me plenty of advice over the years. Some I used, some I didn’t….

Likely the same for many mothers and daughters! Ev gave me advice from the best way to draw something, for example, when I was little, to mothers’ tips when I had children of my…

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They hid every day,

Once or maybe even twice.

They’d disappear for quite some time,

No one knew why

To ask wouldn’t be very nice.

The ritual seemed never-ending,

Curiosity grew throughout the town

But all that changed when

The curtain they were hiding behind

Became torn and left wide…

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Working by soft pink roses

And waiting for the bloom of an orchard or two

Sunshine paints this room so bright

And gives cheers to my soul

From morning into night.

A brush of energy presents a feeling of color

Fanned lines from hues of springtime.

Once the orchard plant…

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I’ll remember my uncle

As the man who proudly smiled

He posed for many a picture

Next to relatives and friends

Who shined along with him for sure.

Years ago, as a little girl,

He greeted me with bright smiles,

Some laughs and joking, very carefree

On his lunch, he’d…

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I uttered to myself in my mind, ‘This may be the last time anyone is writing in this notebook log,’ as I logged in the day’s activities at what would be the last day I worked at my retail job, back in March 2020. As I closed up the small…

Anna Riley

* Proud Mom of two daughters * Grandmother to an adorable baby girl * Freelance Writer * Eco-conscious * she/her/hers * Ageless spirit * Flexitarian

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