There are a lot of friendly people.
The negative chatter fades.
Nice stories appear.
Annoyance still comes and goes.
Positives outweigh and stay.
Confidence grows.

Saving money is so important.
Creativity is a great tool.
Patience, faith, and hope are my best contenders.

Parties, travel, nonessentials are quiet.
The environment rests.
Climate change screams for attention and wonders
how many hear.

We stay at home.
Doctors and nurses begin the long list of brave people
on the front lines.
Donations show such kindness, bring joy, and much relief.

A global pandemic makes history.
People of the world unite with open hearts or not,
and may or may not learn, but I hope for the best, always.
There is a smile behind my mask.
Prayers to relieve the suffering.
And prayers to bring happiness.

* Proud Mom of two daughters * Grandmother to an adorable baby girl * Freelance Writer * Eco-conscious * she/her/hers * Ageless spirit * Flexitarian