My Mother, Dad, sister, and I drove to my Aunt and Uncle’s house one Sunday afternoon when I was very young. When we saw a teen boy and his bike on the side of the road, Dad stopped the car. The boy, we discovered had fallen off his bike and was knocked out. When Dad made sure the boy was okay, he was able to help him up, and we got him and his bike in our car and brought him to his home nearby. Dad wouldn’t think twice to help out.

In my teen years, he dropped my best friend and me at a concert. When we called him to pick us up shortly after, he wasn’t crazy about it, but he came out again and picked us up.
Dad shook his head when we got in the car, but he didn’t think twice about saving us from whatever made us unhappy. He always helped.

When his first grandchild, my oldest daughter, was a toddler, he lined up all her stuffed animals in a long line, one in front of the other because she was bored. He always came up with something to amuse her. He wouldn’t think twice to pal around with her. That was more important than any errand.

Dad sat on the floor with his second grandchild, my youngest daughter, when she was three years old and they played with her dress-up dolls. Challenged with fashion, he did the best he could. He wouldn’t think twice about doing anything else if that’s what she wanted to do.

I could go on, but those examples of the love my Dad showed us, seem to be the first ones I remember. He left us in his sixties but left me with the thought of not thinking twice to help out the people around you, always. They’ll never forget.


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