Photo: Grant Ritchie from

Night, nature’s curtain, darkened the forest view.

Morning sun unveiled the unsettled forest,

with leaves that swiftly swayed.

Paths were hard to decipher through the crying forest.

Anger, Fear, and Confusion appeared,

winds screamed disruption,

disinviting travelers.

Paths hard to see; paths hard to follow.

The climate’s chaos, hidden by night,

and maddening spirits exposed by day,

A forest of unrest.

Here’s a forest on the brink of more than sadness.

Then, Hope arrived, and listened and understood Anger, which settled.

Fear embraced newfound courage as Hope shared its fear.

Confusion healed as Hope empathized and assured they’d work together.

From then on, a healed forest, full of love and strength, led many on its inviting paths filled with peace and kindness.

Hope is powerful.