It’s time to make a difference — big or small!

Sixty-Two years of age gave me a nudge to do as much good as I can in the world. Besides love my children, family, friends, and be kind to others, I found myself seeking to do more to leave the world a better place. This year, the birth of my granddaughter strengthened my conscious commitment to be the best me possible. Though I’ve always been relatively responsible (no one is perfect), friendly, and a decent human being, I am more passionate these days about making valuable contributions.

For as long as I remember, I believed that every little bit of good in life makes a difference. Oh, at times, that negative voice inside me said otherwise, but I’ve done my best to ignore it. Today, I work on the elimination of negativity. No matter the contribution size, I believe more than ever that goodness is worthy. I recently made phone calls to help with the #blacklivesmatter movement, checked on an elderly friend, made sure I sent my application in to vote, all simple, yet meaningful.

Improving the environment has been a passion of mine for the past few years. Small changes I’ve made developed into a lifestyle commitment. I search, nearly every day, to improve how I live for not only myself but also for my surroundings.

Impulse buying is pretty much the rarity for me these days. I put a decent amount of thought into what I purchase, and do my best to buy from businesses that use environmentally friendly materials. I read the companies ‘about’ tabs and discover many use sustainable methods in manufacturing and even shipping. Depending on the product, I review its end of life. Is it biodegradable or recyclable worthy? I’ll google and research the product, and finally decide to buy or not to buy!

It seems that good grows and can bring more good. For instance, I’ve found that it’s economical to use some of these eco-friendly products more often than not. For a couple of years now, I switched from liquid, and I use a powdered detergent, which came in a heavy-duty cardboard canister with a metal top and bottom. In all this time, I ordered two or three paper refill bags of the laundry powder, which cost much less than the liquid ones in plastic bottles would have in the same time frame. I’m thrilled to use this plastic-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, vegan detergent, which leaves me with a few refill paper bags to recycle per year.

I can go on about my searches for eco-friendly products. I do my best to post some of my product finds on my IG account. Whether it’s a product, a kind deed, helping with a cause, doing something to make a difference, no matter the size, it’s of value to be passionate and offer goodness to the world.

Change, ‘Oh, it won’t make..’ to ‘Yes, it can make a difference.’ Joy may surprisingly emerge as well, which may be the most valuable gift to all.