Make some room for me!

There are new spaces to claim; maybe a beach, new digs, or even the orbit

Anna Riley
3 min readAug 12, 2021


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

I’ve worked on decluttering, minimizing possessions, and keeping what is most needed for some time now. I find myself repeating that I want to make space in homes or apartments where I’ve lived. I’ve been a bit of a gypsy with living quarters, between a divorce, change of jobs, or simply desiring diversity.

However, I realize that other parts of my life need some attention when it comes to space. It’s time to focus less on my minimal instincts and more on exploring the Universe. Oh, I’m not planning to go into orbit with the millionaires! First, it’s beyond my current budget, and second, though I try not to say never, I surely do not want a trip in space right now!

I’ve been occupying space for 63 years now, and though my existence is a happy one, I believe I may not have done all that I could or all I was meant to do. Being a good mother, person, and human being and doing well at whatever jobs held over the years are important and have plenty of meaning, but I’m claiming this time in my life to address what I’ve left undone. Move over a little bit, everyone. Please make some room for me!

Photo by Danielle Rice on Unsplash

Thoughts from my past call me with faint muffled voices, yet their urgency is apparent. Some of those wishes from long ago that were put on hold, I’ll revisit and decide about meeting up with them again. It’s time to plan, get ready for places to visit, accomplishments to fulfill, and surprises along the way. I’m welcoming new opportunities with open arms.

My decluttering is ongoing. I’ve come to believe it is essential. Minimizing, perhaps, has allowed pockets of energy for me to fill! I’ve recently begun work at a different branch for the same company. The job brings me joy with its elegant surroundings and many beautiful people to meet. Collections of colorful, stylish shoes, luggage, bags, and artists’ creations encompass me.

I’m looking to relocate yet again and claim a new apartment soon. There’s a living space out there for me, and I await the outcome of decorating charming new…



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