I question ‘Make America Great Again’

Isn’t it great?

There are good times and bad times.

But always great times.

Love, Honor, Respect, Care, Concern, Diplomacy, Faith, Family, Friends

Trees, Lakes, Oceans, Breezes, Flowers, Books to read, Plants to grow

Ice Cream, Dark chocolate, Pizza, Salad, Wine and Beer

Lately Online shops, Smartphones, Favorite TV shows, Computers

Fun, Laughs, Crossword Puzzles, Games

Birds are chirping out my window, and the sun is shining.

Joy from the best features of each state I’ve visited over the years.

I can go on and on but stop for now.

Enjoy the greatness, find kind people, and return the kindness.

Enjoy the good, tolerate the bad, and learn from both.

Change bad as much as we can, and honor the good, always.

Honor America always. Be grateful, kind, respectful, and see the positive.

Help others to do so, as well.

Listen, help, and comfort those in need. It could be you one day.

Spread one ounce of goodness in the world, and see how catchy it becomes.

See greatness blossom. No question. That I believe.

* Proud Mom of two daughters * Grandmother to an adorable baby girl * Freelance Writer * Eco-conscious * she/her/hers * Ageless spirit * Flexitarian